Chapter 8: Search Warrant-Affidavit

Attached as Exhibit A is the Search Warrant Affidavit dated October 28, 2008 prepared by the Oakland County Prosecutor and signed by the Michigan State Police. The 48th District Court gave me this Affidavit on April 1, 2013 after final orders had been entered in my two FOIA cases.

This eight page single-spaced Affidavit properly summarizes the 3,411 pages I received from the Michigan State Police regarding Christopher Busch and his companions, Gregory Greene and Vince Gunnels. In my judgment, the Affidavit contains no language which would exonerate these individuals as suspects in the murders of the four children.

In the following chapters, I will discuss the actions taken by the Oakland County Prosecutor, and perhaps other public officials, to deny me access to the Affidavit. After the reader finishes the following chapters, I will appreciate your comments on whether my conclusions are valid or incorrect.

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Search Warrant Affidavit page 8

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  1. Jeremy Press

    Mr. King:

    After reading the Warrant-Affidavit, I agree 100% with your conclusions.
    I feel that the 2 best leads that could solve this case are the 1973 Pontiac Lemans and since part of the plate number is known, there has to be a way to trace that. And James Vincent Gunnells. Some how some way the police or FBI have to make this scumbag talk. From everything I have read, Gunnells knew Busch and Greene at the time of the killings and he holds the answers. I dont know the law but its a shame that the FBI or police cant use Sodium Pentathol on Gunnells to make him talk.

  2. Michelle Mihelich Hammons

    After reading this, I was struck by the fact that the polygraph examiner of Busch said that he was being “truthful” and they no longer considered him a suspect. Since when do polygraph’s determine innocence or guilt? Every other bit of evidence, as well as Busch’s own statements, should have convicted him and Green both! Sick Fucks.

  3. Andrew Wellman

    Here’s the question that I have about the current investigation into these crimes: Has Ted Lamborgine ever been eliminated as a suspect? Or David Norberg?

    A couple of years ago, I received and watched the “Decades Of Deceit” DVD, and came away with the perception that once the evidence regarding Chris Busch came to light, Lamborgine ceased to be a suspect (or at least a investigative focus) despite the fact that (a) as with Busch, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence actually eliminating the possibility that Lamborgine was involved in these murders, and (b) presuming for the sake of discussion that Busch was involved with these murders, his involvement in no way precludes Lamborgine’s from being involved with these crimes.

    What’s always bothered me about the public emergence of Busch as a suspect in these crimes is that any and all questions concerning Lamborgine’s involvement seem to have been abandoned and left to dangle, unanswered. But what existing evidence tends to exonerate Lamborgine (who is still alive)?

    Another name that appears to have been dropped from the suspect list is David Norberg, who, by all appearances, was apparently the prime suspect in murders during their immediate aftermath. L. Brooks Patterson apparently felt so strongly that Norberg was guilty that, twenty years later, he had Norberg’s body exhumed. Yet in the rush to dig up evidence tying Busch to these crimes, Norberg, like Lamborgine, also seems to have been forgotten. Yet I’ve never been made aware of any evidence actually exonerating Norberg.

    Believe me–I’m not opposed to the theory that Busch was involved in these crimes. But just as the quest for a blue Gremlin may have damaged the original investigation by influencing some to overlook other vehicles, the focus on Busch also seems to have shifted attention away from one or more other key suspects.

    1. Barry King Author


      That is a great point and I agree with you. My name is Michelle Boehm , I manage Barry King’s online presence. I will make sure that your concerns get to him asap. Thank you for being involved, the more people we have involved and caring, the closer we come to putting this to rest.

  4. Karen Lossia Bolton

    Dear Mr. King, the subject of the OCCK came up with my son today, I was 10 yrs old living off of 12&evergreen, my siblings were 11 and 13, I couldn’t remember specifics and looked it up for my son, walking home from school one day we were approached by a blue gremlin(now an obvious sick joke) asking if we wanted a ride, we knew to stay away from blue gremlins, we ran for our lives, we did not know to stay away from Le Mans. What an injustice that was done, as 10 and 11 year olds I am sure our minds would have been, “its not a blue gremlin so its ok”(it was a freezing cold winter day with snow up to our knees”. As an adult I am outraged at this coverup, I am sickened. I pray for your family to have closure, its every parents worse nightmare, and then to have the people that are suppose to catch the bad guy is a double injustice. my cousin is the deputy chief of police in Southfield just became so last year, just wondering what he would have to say on this.

    1. Barry King Author

      We are wondering what he would have to say about it as well Karen. Thank you for staying involved in this case, it means a lot. This message is from Michelle Boehm, I manage Barry King’s social media presence and will make sure he gets your comments.


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