Chapter 72: Interim Comments: Three

Chapter 72: Interim Comments: Three

This unplanned Chapter was prompted by the attached article from the September 2, 2016 article in The Wall Street Journal (Exhibit L). This article supported my concerns that Oakland County and the Task Force may have used scientific evidence discovered in 2009 or 2010 through the efforts of the office of the Wayne County Prosecutor (Chapters 32and 56) to improperly terminate the circumstantial and scientific evidence involving Christopher Busch and perhaps others.

The victims of the OCCK killers died in 1976 and 1977 before the discovery of DNA evidence. The original Task Force did not have DNA scientific evidence available for its investigation. Arch Sloan was the third tip given to the Task Force and Busch and Gregory Greene were the tips 369 and 370. After Busch and Greene passed their polygraph tests in January 1977 there was no further investigation until my daughter Cathy called the Livonia Police Department in July 2007 (Chapter 19). I received no information on the Sloan investigation until July 17, 2011 when Jessica Cooper requested information from the public on his possible involvement (Chapter 64). Since then all of the updates to the King family have been provided by Chief Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Rob Moran and Wayne County Detective Cory Williams.

Why did Cooper call me on March 1, 2010 to tell me Busch was no longer a suspect? My degree in bar room psychology has led me to believe that the Task Force and Cooper decided the mDNA match between two of the victims and a hair found in the Sloan car was a better lead than the scientific and circumstantial evidence in the Busch case. The King family also believes Sloan was a good lead and should be examined (Chapter 32). We have been advised that this Sloan lead has not located any additional evidence regarding his possible involvement.

When the Task Force and Oakland County could not locate any further evidence on the Sloan case, at the request of the Oakland County Sheriff Cooper publicly requested information on this lead. OAKLAND COUNTY HAS MADE NO SIMILAR INFORMATION REQUEST FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION ON THE BUSCH OR OTHER LEADS. Oakland County closed its pending investigation of Busch and all other individuals sometime between the Task Force meeting on October 27, 2009 and the meeting with the investigators on February 26, 2010. Are any of the criticisms on scientific evidence in Exhibit L applicable to the Sloan lead? For two centuries before Tim was abducted criminals in this country were convicted without DNA evidence. That law has not changed to my knowledge.

When was the Sloan case mDNA evidence available? Did Paul Walton discuss the Sloan involvement with the investigators at the February 26, 2010 meeting? Why is mDNA evidence applicable in the Sloan case and the cold case conviction of a defendant charged by the Oakland County Grand Jury (Chapter 55) but not admissible regarding Kristine Michelich, the third victim (Chapter 34)? Should the Oakland County Prosecutor have dictatorial authority to omit or charge suspects without explanation or supervision? Do my concerns that the emphasis on the Sloan case was an attempt at diversion from other suspects have any validity?

Please click below for the September 2, 2016 article in The Wall Street Journal.

Exhibit L

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