Chapter 67: Conclusions: Part Two

There are a number of innocuous items which have affected my judgment on the involvement of Christopher Busch in the OCCK murders. Among them are a series of unrelated facts which I will discuss before reviewing my other conclusions. These four items include (a) the statement of Richard Thompson that Busch was the leading suspect, (b) the four reports that the guilty party was the son of an automobile or GM executive, (c) the Task Force identification of Busch and his companions to the family of Kristine Michelich on October 19, 2009 and (d) the October 5, 2009 report that Jessica Cooper did not want to be kept current of this case.

The report that Richard Thompson thought Busch was the leading suspect demands clarification (Chapter 49). Thompson was the Chief Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor in 1977 who attended the Busch examination in Flint on January 28, 1977 and was later elected Prosecutor. Perhaps no one has better knowledge of this case.

Christopher Busch was the son of H. Lee Busch, a General Motors Vice President. Reports from four unrelated persons stated that the suspect in the OCCK case was the son of a prominent automobile or GM executive are not coincidental (Chapter 45). Based on the documents I have reviewed no one has talked to these individuals. If four people contacted the King family or the media did other persons provide similar information to law enforcement? If anyone else has received similar information, please bring it to my attention.

On October 19, 2009 MSP Sergeant Gary Gray, the leader of the revitalized Task Force, advised the family of Kristine Michelich that Busch and his companions were the leading suspects. On October 27, 2009 the Task Force did not answer any of the questions from the King family. See Chapters 33 to 35. Why couldn’t the Task Force tell the King family the same information it gave to the Michelich family eight days previously? Shortly thereafter Gray was replaced as the Task Force leader and Oakland County took control of the case.

At her first meeting with the Task Force on February 20, 2009 Jessica Cooper advised the investigating officers they could count on the full support of her office (Chapter 53). You can imagine my surprise when I later learned that as of October 5, 2009 Cooper did not want to be kept advised of the OCCK case (Chapter 53). What happened between these two dates to cause Cooper to change her mind?

Is the King family entitled to ask someone to explain the accuracy and the applicability of these observations?

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  1. Nicole Meloche

    Dr Mr King

    First let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I can’t even imagine the hell your family has gone through in the past 40 yrs., but considering how much this case has haunted me, I can certainly understand.

    I was the same age as your son and the other victims when this was happening. We lived in Dearborn and I went to Whitmore Bolles Elementary. This was the first time I can ever recall being exposed to something horrific.

    If you recall, kids back then played outside and we watched Bugs Bunny and the Brady Bunch. I didn’t know what molestation, rape or even murder was, I was still playing with dolls.

    I do remember the news reports and everyone was talking about this. I remember when Kristine went missing and the agonizing 19 days; she was found the day before my birthday.

    I have been following this case most of my life and have had terrorizing nightmares about something that happened to me the summer (or fall) after things settled down and no more children went missing, so I’m guessing it was later in the year, 1978.

    There is an alleyway on the east side of Whitmore Bolles school, you can enter the school yard from there. Houses run along side the fence.

    I was playing ball with a girlfriend who lived in one of the houses on the other side of the fence. We were playing ball up against the school building in that alleyway.

    We noticed a man standing on the northside of the school watching us. He was standing next to a blue or green car, I just can’t remember now. A two door and if my memory serves me correctly it was something similar to the gremlin mentioned so many times. The man was wearing mirrored sun glasses. Medium height and build, certainly not stocky. Hair was medium length.

    We got very creeped out and decided to go home. She jumped the fence to her yard and I headed towards the south entrance of the school yard, the fastest way to my house. As I approached the entrance, there was the same car approaching the entrance driving very slow, watching me.

    At that moment all my innocence and niativity was gone. I knew this man was going to grab me and I sensed it was the same killer who took your son and the others. I have known this in my gut my entire life.

    That kid who watched bugs bunny and Brady bunch immediately ran back towards the north entrance, jumped a fence to a neighbors yard and pounded on the door until they answered. They took me home. I remember telling my father what happened but I don’t ever recall being questioned by the police so I think it’s safe to assume he never reported it or they didn’t think it was a credible lead.

    I have been terrorized by the memories of this my entire life. I know in my gut and in my heart that it was the same man that was involved with your sons murder. I don’t know how I know, but I have always felt this way for the past 40 yrs.

    I wish I could be hypnotized so that I could see his face. I am known for never forgetting a face, even if it’s 30 yrs later. But I can’t remember his face.


  2. Wynne Selke

    I have contacted Jessica Cooper’s office by email several times regarding OCCK and never hear back. Despicable. I hope she is voted out of office in November.


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