Chapter 62: 27 Meetings part Two

The following items are the 12 meeting dates without a check mark:
1. October 27, 2009: This is the date of my first and only meeting with the Task Force and is discussed in previous chapters. The Task Force did not answer any of my questions. I later learned that as of October 5, 2009 Jessica Cooper had not been kept current on the status of the investigation at her own request (Chapter 58).

2. November 13, 2009: The letter referred to for this date is attached as Exhibit I. When Cooper warned me of the criminal aspect of polygraph disclosures she was apparently unaware that her predecessor, L. Brooks Patterson, had previously told the media in February 1977 that Christopher Busch was not a suspect in the murder of Mark Stebbins because he had passed a lie detector test. Cooper has continued to deny me access to the contrary conclusions by three other polygraphers (Chapter 8, Exhibit A).

Cooper also states that the OCP does not publicize investigations. However, last year she publicly stated that she would not charge the officers who killed a customer at the Northland Mall because they did not intend to kill him. How many times have you seen or heard the prosecutor conclude that the deaths were a murder-suicide? If the conclusion is professional Cooper goes public. Is it possible her reasons for silence in the OCCK case are personal, political or control rather than professional? If so, silence was her only defense?

3. February 23, 2010: My unanswered phone calls requesting permission to attend the February 26 Task Force conference is a meeting?

4. February 24, 2010: I did call twice more requesting permission to attend the February 26 meeting. Cooper had my friend, Don Studt, tell me I could not attend. Perhaps Cooper can tell us how I asked for information discussed at the meeting which took place two days later.

5. Spring of 2011: My attorney in the FOIA cases was Lisa Milton. She was not contacted. In addition to being a friend and member of my former law firm, Binkley is also an acquaintance of Cooper. I asked permission to attend which was denied. Binkley advised me that Cooper wanted to terminate my questions on the OCCK case. I advised Binkley not to accept any further requests from Cooper unless I could attend.

6. July 21, 2011: This is the day I was called as a witness before the Oakland County Grand Jury. I am forbidden to discuss my grand jury testimony. I met with Cooper, Walton and another prosecutor prior to the hearing to discuss my testimony. We primarily discussed my testimony. I do not recall any discussion on the status of the investigation. During this conference I asked Cooper why she was not talking the Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. Cooper responded with words to the effect that Worthy wants to be governor. Why political aspirations should interfere with a criminal investigation is beyond my comprehension.

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