Chapter 61: 27 Meetings-Part One

During the 2012 elections I publicly supported Michael Bishop who was Jessica Cooper’s opposition for the Oakland County Prosecutor. My principal complaint was the failure of Cooper to discuss the OCCK case with me. On October 25, 2012 Cooper appeared on television and waived some papers claiming she had met with me on 27 occasions. After her reelection on November 20, 2012 Assistant Prosecutor Thomas Grden provided me with the list of these meetings (Exhibit H).

I have placed a check mark next to the 15 dates which involve court filings or court hearings in my two FOIA cases. As previously noted the Oakland County Prosecutor successfully argued that I was not entitled to any documents or pretrial discovery. I have even heard statements that the attorneys appearing in court were instructed not to talk to me.

I will discuss the other 12 meeting dates in the following Chapters. With one possible exception I do not believe any of these “meetings” were actually meetings.
When I finish please tell me how many of these 27 dates you would treat as a meeting.

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  1. Wendy Blackmer

    I count 5 instances where you personally met with OCC Jessica Cooper. The rest as you have stated were court appearances. The magnitude and lengths with which,in my opinion, the prosecutors office has gone to continually keep your family in the dark astound me. I pray you get answers.


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