Chapter 6: Blue Gremlin – Doug Wilson

Tim’s mother died in 2004 and I married her friend, Janice Bollinger in 2008. Janice told me that her friend, Doug Wilson, was hypnotized by the Task Force. After a lengthy search, she located him and he is now employed by a Japanese automobile company in La Jolla, California.

When I contacted Wilson, he told me an interesting story. Wilson had visited the Hunter-Maple parking lot the night of the abduction and recalled seeing Tim. After some encouragement from his wife and friends, Wilson agreed in June 1977 to be hypnotized and tell the FBI what he had seen.

He recalled seeing Tim on a skateboard in the parking lot and even identified the place in the wall where his skateboard had hit the building. The Task Force located some orange markings at the spot he identified.

Wilson also identified two gentlemen. One was a young man who was running back and forth with no apparent goal. The other was an older gentleman in a Pontiac Lemans which drew his suspicions. Wilson even tried to remember the license plate on the Lemans but could only remember the digits 222.

Wilson then wrote me a letter which concluded as follows:

“When the session ended I had thought maybe only 15-20 minutes had elapsed, but when I looked at my watch I was shocked to see that 4 hours had passed. The agents were very excited about my observations. I was able to confirm the possibility that two men were involved. This was information that the FBI had only speculated on. From my description the sketch artist was able to get a pretty good likeness of each man. But, the most important information was my identification of the car that the older man was sitting in. It was a 1973 Pontiac Le Mans 2/door coupe.

It turns out that they already knew the make of the car. When the previous victim had been dropped off, the car had backed into a snow bank and left a perfect impression of the car’s rear bumper. As for the car’s license number, I could only remember the last three numbers: the three 2’s. For some reason the phrase I had made to remember the preceding 3 letters was not retrievable. To this day I still cannot remember it. I can only surmise that numbers are stored in a different part of the brain than the phrase would be.”

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  1. Laura Hurst

    Why why why was so much time wasted on the Blue Gremlin theory? Seems so ridiculous! Praying for you Mr. King …. Tim deserves justice as do all the other victims!

  2. Mike

    Avid follower,

    So….. This seems like a no-brainer…. how many 1973 Pontiac Le Mans 2/door coupe’s registered in Michigan at that time had a license plate ending in 222, or at least 22….. This would obviously generate a very short-list of vehicles. It seems it would only take a day or so to check the DMV and investigate a short-list to focus attention on. At that point, if this was a valid lead, it seems it would take little to to look into the backgrounds of the respective vehicle owners and significantly narrow down target suspects. Has anyone done this ?????

  3. Burt

    A very strange man picked me up hitchhiking at this time, dark greasy hair, black glasses but it was just after the snow melt, in a new white van near 12 and John R. area. Definitely off by his mannerism at the time….license # I won’t forget. 8013-DY

    1. Barry King Author

      Hi Burt, i am Michelle Boehm, I manage Barry King’s social media presence for him. Thank you for coming forward with this information, I will make sure he gets the message asap.

  4. Brian

    Why haven’t the FBI sketches from Doug Wilson been made public ? And as Mike pointed out how come the partial plate hasn’t been run on the Le mans ? The police work and general attitude is really disappointing. The most horrible crimes in State history and the public has done more to keep the case alive and information flowing than the Police. Its actually very disturbing.

    1. Barry King Author

      It is extremely disturbing. I agree. The answer to your questions will soon be answered by Barry King. My name is Michelle Boehm, I manage his social media presence. He has more chapters to come that will elaborate on his story. I will make sure Barry King receives these questions. Thank you for caring.


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