Chapter 58: Interagency Relationships-Oakland County Malfeasance

In my judgment Oakland County has not taken any positive action to solve the OCCK case after my daughter Cathy called Livonia in 2007. Ted Lamborgine, Christopher Busch, Gregory Greene , Vince Gunnels and Archibald Sloan, the only viable suspects identified to the King family, were named from sources other than Oakland County. The Oakland County participation has been silence or denial on these leads. The Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper is responsible for any improper action in the OCCK case since she took office on January 1, 2009.

When Busch passed a lie detector test on January 28, 1977 the OCP publicly announced he was no longer a suspect in the Mark Stebbins murder. Tim was abducted six weeks later on March 16, 1977. When three other polygraphers later determined that Busch had not passed the 1977 test, the OCP has refused to publish this contrary result or discuss it with me.

The Michigan State Police reports state that as of October 5, 2009 Jessica Cooper did not want to be kept advised on the OCCK case (Chapter 53). This result is directly contrary to her statement of cooperation with the Task Force which she made at her initial meeting with the Task Force on February 20, 2009 (Chapter 53).
Another disturbing factor in my review of the case after receiving the MSP reports on December 15, 2010 was the status of the evidence locations. The original Task Force apparently took no action to obtain evidence from the various communities involved in these four murders. The MSP reports contain several references as to the action taken by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and the revised Task Force Officers Cory Williams and Garry Gray to locate and test this evidence. For over 30 years no one had thought to complete this obvious result. This testing led to the possible involvement of Gunnels and Sloan in these murders.

After the October 27, 2009 meeting with the Task Force, Oakland County and the MSP took immediate action to take control of the investigation and to eliminate Wayne County (Chapter 56). As far as known to the King family Oakland County has not achieved any new results during the period it was in control. Also, at some time unknown to us, the MSP renewed its relationship with Wayne County.
Did Oakland County take control because it wanted to solve the case or to terminate the investigation? Are my concerns valid?

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