Chapter 55: Interagency Relationships-2005 to 2009

The King family was pleased to learn that the new OCCK Task Force was formed in 2005. When my children wanted to participate in the 2007 five year television recognition of the OCCK in 2007 I phoned MSP Sergeant Garry Gray, the Task Force Commander, in late 2006 to keep him informed. Gray wanted to meet with me almost immediately and Don Studt, Chris and I met with Gray and Livonia Police Detective Cory Williams shortly after the phone call. We were advised the Task Force was following up on a lead involving Ted Lamborgine. This prompted Cathy to call Williams in July 2007 with the Patrick Coffey-Lawrence Wasser lead. Based on this lead, Williams and Gray later identified Christopher Busch, Gregory Greene and Vince Gunnels as possible suspects.

The King family later learned that Lamborgine and Busch had failed lie detector tests. The MSP reports which I received on December 15, 2010 indicated that Wayne County and the Task Force had accumulated the trace evidence from the many locations in which had been stored. This bothered me because no one had attempted to do this for over 30 years.

The evidence accumulated by Williams and Gray led them to consult with the Oakland County Prosecutor on October 14, 2008 for a search warrant for the former Busch residence. The OCP prepared the search warrant affidavit (Chapter 8, Exhibit A) on October 28, 2008. To my knowledge no one has ever contradicted the facts stated in this affidavit. It is my understanding that the Wayne County Prosecutor, the OCP and the MSP all thought Busch was the best lead ever received in the OCCK case when the October 28, 2008 search affidavit was signed.

The MSP reports and other facts indicate that Oakland County did not participate in the OCCK case until October 2008. The King family received encouraging oral reports but no written evidence prior to the October 27, 2009 Task Force meeting.

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