Chapter 54: Interagency Relationship: 1977 to 2005:

This relationship portion of my Story has been the most difficult to organize and present. This is due partially to the time schedule of events and the timing on when the information was delivered to me from the agencies involved. Please bear with me.

The number of communities and agencies with investigative jurisdiction and decision making authority have caused the King family confusion and concerns. The four children were abducted in four cities and their bodies were found in four other locations. Tim’s body was found in Livonia located in Wayne County. All the other locations were in Oakland County. In addition to the police in these eight locations the Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Sherriff and Prosecutor, the Wayne County Prosecutor and the FBI have worked on the case.

Sometime in 1977 the MSP was assigned to operate a Task Force to examine the four murders. The federal government paid substantial money for the search. I remember telling my friends I may not ever pay enough income taxes to equal the amount the Task Force expended. This Task Force terminated on December 15, 1978 when the funds were spent without identifying any suspects
The MSP was appointed to manage the Task Force. To my knowledge Wayne County did not work on the case during the initial term of the Task Force. Except for an occasional call from the Birmingham Police the King family received no information on the case for the first 30 years.

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