Chapter 52: Oakland County Grand Jury

Oakland County formed a Citizen’s Grand Jury in the spring or early summer of 2011 to examine several cold cases, including the OCCK case. I have heard rumors that the OCCK case was added after the original filing, but I need clarification on this fact. The media has reported that two suspects in other cases were indicted and convicted as result of these grand jury proceedings.

Interestingly, the media reported the Oakland County Prosecutor introduced mDNA evidence in one of the other cases. However, as discussed previously in this Story, the OCP had advised me that the mDNA match between Vince Gunnels and Kristine Mihelich is not admissible. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander!

Since I have received no reports on the Oakland Grand Jury findings on the OCCK portion of the grand jury, I have assumed no one was indicted in the OCCK case. The privacy provisions of the Grand Jury Statute limit third party inquiries on this result.

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