Chapter 52 Addendum: Oakland County Grand Jury

After I published Chapter 52 I had further thoughts on the Grand Jury background. I called the families of Mark Stebbins and Kristine Mihelich and Patrick Coffey, the source of the Christopher Busch lead. None of them had been called as witnesses. How does the prosecutor convict any criminal if she does not call the victims as a witness? The failure to call Coffey would eliminate any charges against Busch. Who was the suspect identified to the Grand Jury?

The history of the OCP reaction to the Busch lead is contradictory. In 1977 the OCP publicly announced that Busch was not a suspect in the Stebbins murder because he passed a polygraph test (Chapter8, Exhibit A)). After the appointment of the revitalized Task Force in 2005 Richard Thompson, the Chief Assistant Prosecutor in 1977 and later elected Oakland County Prosecutor, advised the investigating officers he believed Busch was involved in these murders(Chapter49). As of October 5, 2009 Jessica Cooper did not want to receive the Task Force reports (Chapter 58) and she called me on March 1, 2010 to tell me Busch was not a suspect (Prologue). Is the Cooper lack of interest because all concerned believed Busch was involved and Oakland County was embarrassed to admit its previous errors?

Was the OCCK case added to the Grand Jury list of cold cases after its formation? Did the OCP call me as a Grand Jury witness solely to charge me with a crime as I discussed in Chapter 65? Why did Oakland County form a Grand Jury on the OCCK case when there was an existing Grand Jury in Wayne County? Who did the OCP ask the Grand Jury to indict? Are my questions valid?

You can locate the previous Chapters at “afathersstory-OCCK.com”.

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  1. Mac Parsons

    In the court of public opinion, the Oakland County and state of Michigan’s attempts to keep the lid on the events of 1977 have been a failure.

    Christopher Busch was the killer of those four children and probably others and had named accomplices. GM and the state acted in concert to snuff the true perpetrators and lead the public down the wrong paths intentionally. End of story.

  2. Dianne

    I read each and everyone of your post. I am appalled at the facts of this case to know how corrupt everyone involved is on this, four children were MURDERED and 40yrs later the corruption still exists. I sincerely hope ond day you will get the answers you most certainly deserve. I’m afraid that won’t ever happen. People to high up and kept buried to long. One day they all will have to answer to God.
    to answer to o GOD


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