Chapter 46: North Fox Island



Chapter 46: North Fox Island

The Michigan State Police reports contain one small paragraph reference to Christopher Busch having a suitcase of pornographic photographs on North Fox Island. Since Busch was apparently not indicted for his possession of these pictures this prompted my inquiry of this location.

The King Family learned that North Fox Island was an island in Traverse Bay, outside of Traverse City, Michigan. Someone, using an assumed name, had purchased the Island and put in an airplane runway. The Island was then used as a camp for young boys from Detroit who were flown to the island and then sexually abused. The owner was later identified as Francis Sheldon from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, who moved to the Netherlands. He was never extradited or indicted before he died. There were reports that Busch and his pornographic films were delivered to Flint, Michigan, but that no further action was taken against him.

An amazing part of the North Fox Island story is the lack of media coverage over this horrendous operation at that time. It should be a lesson to all of us that people in high places were involved in pedophile activity in the 1970s. North Fox Island was not purchased by a high school coach or a police officer. It should also be a lesson that Christopher Busch was involved in major pedophile activities in addition to his four (4) convictions.

What is the relationship to North Fox Island to the OCCK murders? I have seen no direct connection between these two (2) situations. However, it is a lesson to us that in the 1970s there was substantial pedophile activity which involved many wealthy people and no publicity. It also supports my conclusion that these people in high places were involved in pedophile activity and they did not procure their victims themselves. Don’t forget that four adults called me after the Busch photo was published with reports that he tried to pick them up. Does Charles Busch have any recollection of his brother’s North Fox Island activities?

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  1. Lisa Porzadek

    These same things have been said by Johnny Gosch’s mother.
    Even a documentary of how child were brought to the White House and nothing never is done.
    I believe it is too horrific for the average human to wrap their mind around!!
    So it goes unnoticed.”

  2. Mike

    The FBI & MSP needs to look for dead kid’s remains on North Fox Island. Why this has not happened at the time of this writing….. is both unconscionable and outrageous.


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