Chapter 44: Polygraph Disclosures: Summary

Since Jessica Copper, the Oakland County Prosecutor, won’t talk to me about the OCCK case, I am setting forth my questions and conclusions regarding the polygraph situation as follows.

1. In Jessica Cooper’s letter on November 13, 2009, was she warning me that she would bring criminal proceedings against me for any publicity on the possible Christopher Busch involvement in the OCCK case as the result of the polygraph by Lawrence Wasser that was never taken?

2. In February 1977 the Oakland County Prosecutor publicly stated that Christopher Busch was not involved in the Mark Stebbins murder because he passed a polygraph test and he gave this information to at least two newspapers.

3. The Oakland County Prosecutor stated under oath that Busch did not pass the February 27, 1977 polygraph when she submitted the search warrant affidavit to the 48th District Court on October 28, 2008.

4. The first person to fail a polygraph test was Ted Lamborgine in 2005 (chapter’s 30 & 31).

5. When Assistant Prosecutor, Thomas Grden reported the failure of Vince Gunnels to pass his July 31 2009 polygraph examination. Jessica Cooper took no action to charge her staff with a crime.

6. If the Oakland County Prosecutor publicly states that a suspect passed a polygraph examination, should any subsequent results to the contrary also be made public?

7. What is the position of Jessica Cooper on enforcing the publication of the criminal provisions of the polygraph statute?

8. Did L. Brooks Patterson violate this statute in 1977?

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  1. Jeremy Press

    Jessica Cooper is only out for Jessica Cooper. I am afraid Mr. King, you will never get anywhere with her. I pray some day when she is out of office, the truth will come out and you can finally get some closure and peace.

  2. Laura Hurst

    Sounds like a whole lot of deceit and lies coming out of the prosecutors office for a long time. They need to remember who they serve…. The people of this state, not themselves and their cronies!

  3. Mike

    – L. Brooks said: “Bush passed polygraph” in 1977…..
    – Then in 2008 Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper (filed paperwork/paper trail evidence) saying “Bush failed polygraph” ???

    Obviously based on the above: It appears L. Brooks was lying about Busch, and she is covering for him to protect L. Brooks who probably let Busch go after taking a payoff from the rich Busch father GM Executive…H. Lee Busch, resulting in other victims. Is this not what you are saying ?

    I am not sure who or how you have the Oakland County Prosecutor Office investigated? Like someone from Washington D.C. do it, who is out of the local loop that will get truth… Like a ( Federal Internal Affairs ) division ??


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