Chapter 40: Prosecutorial Disclosures: Marney Keenan

As I discussed in Chapter 39, prior to the March 1, 2010 phone call from Jessica Cooper my family had requested only two documents from the appropriate authorities, the Bloomfield Township Police Department and the Genesee County Circuit Court. In both instances the authorities denied the King family access to this information and then provided the information to Heather Catallo of Channel 7.

After the revitalized OCCK Task Force denied the many requests of the King family for a conference, I decided to take the matter to the public. Realizing my story would not fit into a three to five minute portion of the six o’clock news, I called my friend Judy Dieboltd at the Detroit News. Marney Keenan a reporter and Dieboltd met with me to discuss this matter. Keenan has been so intrigued by the case that she is preparing to publish a book on the entire investigation.

Keenan has advised me that she contacted Jessica Cooper for information and they had a conference in August 2012. Keenan told me that the conference took place for more than two hours. Is it another instance of law enforcement providing information to the media that is not provided to the victim?

In my two Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the Oakland County Prosecutor, the Oakland County Prosecutor successfully denied me any information. Both the Oakland County Circuit Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals confirmed this result. If the information of the Busch investigation is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, why did Jessica Cooper, Oakland County Prosecutor, provide this information to members of the media on at least three occasions?

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  1. Dianne Felton

    I’m amazed at the way this whole investigation has gone I truly hope u will find out the truth on the person who took your son’s life. I continue to pray that u find the answers that u need. I am totally ashamed at our justice system for allowing the lack of information to a family that had a child murdered it really breaks my heart and puts distrust in the system. May God find a way to heal u of this pain.

  2. Mike

    This is not a joke….
    You need to find a rich donor from any state, like politicians do. Ideally someone who is rich and/or has also lost a child to a killer as well. Sort of like a lobbyist.

    You need to have them offer money …… to people involved in the investigation from day one, to motivate them to talk.
    That is the only way your going to get what you want, all details about the facts/truth.

    Money makes people do funny things….. i.e. compels them to do things they otherwise would not do.

    Proper motivation alters people’s behavior. Take the Japanese during WWII. They were known not to surrender, tie themselves to trees to die fighting etc…. but as soon as the bomb vaporized two of their cities…. they got polite really quickly and did a 180 degree turn on their behavior.

  3. Mike

    – See my previous post just before this one, because your going
    about this all the wrong way, especially in 2016

    – You keep asking for things/information… you know your not going to get based
    on past experience and complaining about it. Complaining here will not change

    – You need to find somebody with enough money to pay people involved to
    talk, or…… you & your families and going to keep getting the same treatment
    you have been getting for years.

    – This blog will not change anything. Motivational money will !!!!!

  4. Moe

    This is so sad. It says a lot when state officials poo poo your request for vital information of your son’s murder case yet have it readily available for the media….how convenient & how typically poor. Disgusted & Sad.

  5. Jeremy Press

    I look forward to reading Marney Keenan’s book. While i dont agree with the previous posters suggestion about money, i do feel that some how some way this case needs to continue to be in the public eye. A 2 minute story by the local news stations every year is not enough. There needs to be a film or an hour long documentary on one or more of the local news stations with a tip line. Four or more kids dissapeared and were murdered. I cant believe nobody saw anything, they are just afraid to talk. Somebody has to get to Gunnells because he is the one that can shed the most light on this case.

  6. Mike

    If Hillary & Bill’s “Clinton Foundation”, has been determined by the Fed.’s in today’s news that they (Refuse to Investigate it),… and the Clinton Foundation has been taking money from foreign governments pretty much, insinuatingly indicating pay-off …. Bubba & the Beast to do what the governments want…… This means money makes anything possible, even the most blatantly-egregious as selling our country to the highest bidder….. We can only conclude… the anyone involved in Tim’s death’s investigation within the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office who let Busch go free while his buddy Green got life for molesting boys will never be proven culpable unless they are paid-off enough money to speak the facts. This means Tim’s life can sadly be equated to a dollar amount for those in-the-know to be compelled to give the facts. The Saudi’s threatened the U.S. with $75 billion in liquidated assets if the 9/11 report was released allowing U.S. citizens to possibly sue the Saudi government for 9/11. This means 3,000 lives were worth $25 million / head. Sadly…. I doubt Tim’s case will command a similar price to motivate anyone with relevant information to speak. Sometimes in life…. tough-luck is what we draw. Someone has a baby today in Detroit while those on Egypt air die the same day…. it is simply…… “Fate”.


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