Chapter 4: Blue Gremlin – Other Automobiles

Chapter 4: Blue Gremlin – Other Automobiles

After March 1, 2010, I filed a Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) lawsuit against the Michigan State Police (“MSP”) requesting information on the Christopher Busch investigation. After the initial skirmishing, the MSP provided me with 3,411 pages on December 15, 2010. This was the first time the King family had any information that there were other automobiles involved in the abduction and murders of the four victims.

The body of Kristine Mihelich, the third victim, was found adjacent to a snow bank. The snow bank contained an imprint of a car bumper. The trailer hitch on this bumper was askew. No one measured the size of this imprint, but Lieutenant Jack Kalbfleisch of the Birmingham Police obtained a photograph of the imprint. He delivered the photo to the three Detroit automobile companies. General Motors advised him that the bumper probably came from a 1971 or a 1972 Pontiac Lemans or Buick Skylark.

The body of Jill Robinson, the second victim was found adjacent to I-75 in Troy, Michigan. A witness advised the investigators that he had noticed a 1972 Pontiac Lemans on the shoulder of the highway near where Jill’s body was found. It was very early in the morning of December 26 and there was little traffic on the highway. As this witness drove closer to the Lemans, the car pulled forward on the shoulder. The witness remembered the car because he had owned a Lemans at one time.

The MSP reports also indicate that a Pontiac or Buick was noticed at the site where the body of Mark Stebbins, the first victim, was later found.

Again, the MSP reports do not indicate any use of this information in searching for the Oakland County Child Killer or that this important information was made public at any time when it could have made a difference in the investigation.

There is no mention of a Blue Gremlin in regard to the murder of the other three victims.

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  1. Jeremy Press

    Once Again I say, why cant the Michigan State Police or local police depts run the automotive registrations for the top suspects (Busch, Greene, Hastings etc..) for 1972 to see if they or anyone in their family owned such an automobile around that time.

  2. Laura Hurst

    Jeremy Press I agree! Why was such a big deal made about a blue gremlin? Mr.King I hope your blog brings the justice and peace your family deserves! God bless you in your continued endeavors. I’m praying for you!

  3. Dianne Felton

    I sincerely hope u r able to find ur son’s killer or killers. The tragedy forever has changed my personal life I think I meet one of the girls that was killed many yrs ago briefly. I became awhere of the evil out in the world which in return made me a very protective mother. I wish u all the luck in finding the peace that u need.

  4. L.j.Belzak

    I agree, the only information I remember getting was the Gremlin that is what our children were told to look out for. Scary to think that information is incorrect.


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