Chapter 34: October 27, 2009 Task Force Conference: Meeting

Chris and I invited Erica McAvoy and her stepfather, Tom Ashcroft, to attend the October 27 conference. When we arrived, the four of us were shown into a small conference room. After half an hour we were asked to join the attendees. Present were Captain Harold Love of the Michigan State Police and four or more additional officers including Garry Gray, the Task Force commander, Oakland County Prosecutor, Jessica Cooper and two of her assistants including Paul Walton, Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy with her assistant Robert Moran, a Wayne County inspector and several Livonia policeman, including the recently retired Cory Williams. Once the introductions were complete, I asked the following five questions which I confirmed in a letter to Captain Love on November 9.

• Are there any other persons being investigated currently except for Busch and his possible cohorts?
• Who are possible cohorts and what do we know about them?
• What additional polygraphs do you wish to take and what is time schedule?
• Who is the Oakland County prosecutor currently handling this case?
• Give us the name, address and phone number of the responsible lab personnel.
• Do you have the name and address of the informants who turned in Busch? We would like to thank them.

The Task Force did not answer any of these questions.
McAvoy then asked the Task Force about the DNA match between a hair found on her sister’s jacket and Vince Gunnels. At that time, I had no knowledge of DNA. Walton then gave a lecture on Mitochondrial DNA (“mDNA”) and stated that it was not good evidence and compared it to blood type. I later learned mDNA is received from your mother and will include anyone with her heritage unlike true DNA which is almost 100% good evidence of a match. My supplemental research indicates that mDNA evidence is admissible only if there are other sufficient facts involving the suspect.

It was apparent to me that we were being stonewalled and I made inquiry as to whom I should direct additional questions. The Michigan State Police said the Prosecutor and the Oakland County Prosecutor said the Michigan State Police. However, Love volunteered to accept that role and I did have further contact with him in November.

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  1. Wendy Blackmer

    Has the FBI ever been involved? Maybe they will be able to get to the bottom of this because it’s very obviously a cover up.

  2. The FBI has been involved from time to time. A friend of mine who is a former agent tells me the FBI becomes in local crimes only when it is in control. The FBI has not contacted me directly and I welcome the opportunity to meet with them regarding their analysis. Barry King

  3. Mike

    Look Barry….

    You need to use “embarrassment & the appearance of nepotism incompetence” as a tool to motivate those involved….


    tell her about how kids were killed in our city, and how it is the biggest
    unsolved mystery as long as Hoffa, and how it appears officials are hiding truths.
    She could turn this blog into a national embarrassment for this involved.

    She is good at busting-balls, and if she spotlights this blog, and how families were
    given the run-around… it very likely may force those involved to do more out
    of not wanting to look incompetent on national media.


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