Chapter 31: Ted Lamborgine, Part 2

The King family learned more about the Lamborgine relationship to the OCCK murders when we received a police report in October, 2013. Lamborgine came to the attention of the OCCK Case Task Force and the Livonia Police Department in February, 2005. A murder suspect, Richard Lawson, advised the investigators that his friend, Bob Moore, stated Lamborgine had showed him a picture of Tim King naked in one of Moore’s photo albums.

In September 2005 Lamborgine was polygraphed and failed the examination regarding his involvement in the OCCK case. This was the first failure of approximately 300 polygraphs conducted in the 30 year history of the OCCK Case. After working with Kym Worthy and Robert Moran from the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, the investigators located 14 victims that would testify against Lamborgine in his 30 year old pedophile case.

In April 2007, Lamborgine turned down an opportunity to cooperate in the OCCK Case in exchange for a possible plea agreement. He pled guilty on all pedophile accounts and was sentenced to life in prison. Prior to my daughter, Cathy’s telephone call in July 2007, the Task Force listed Lamborgine as the number one suspect and Bob Moore (then deceased) as a number 2 suspect in the OCCK Case.

The King family also understands that Laborgine may have made admission to another jail inmate about being involved in the OCCK Case. Hearsay evidence indicated that Lamborgine was not the one who murdered the victims, but that he molested all of the kids from the OCCK case. I do not have further results of this part of the investigation.

Even after Lamborgine was in prison, the Task Force Representatives offered to change his name and move him to a federal prison if he could provide information on the OCCK Case. Lamborgine did not accept this offer.

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  1. Mike

    The Busch kid seems to have more arrows pointing toward him, but Lamborgine sounds like an almost equal possibility.

    I saw a blog that Lamborgine liked to keep plastic plants of his “meticulously dust free”, this coincides with meticulously cleaned victims.
    There is a post somewhere he allegedly had a photo of Tim he showed someone in an album he kept. Did police recover an album from him?
    Plus he obviously was involved with other similar psychos. in the area, in this lifestyle… and refused to do that plea deal, which one must ask…. “why”?
    If Lamborgine kept a photo album, and police never recovered one, he likely kept it for all these years.
    Someone should do search warrant on his last house he lived in, and search that place inside & out, starting from the roof, then then attic / walls / floors / air vents / garage / yard for buried stuff. Seems photos / evidence could be stashed there by him even though he is in jail.

  2. Mike

    If Lamborgine was living in Ohio at the time, and was commuting up to our area, and actually had a photo of Tim he showed to that guy… it might make sense that (in his mind), since he was not living in the area, he may get away with playing games with authorities (At that pre-cell-phone-internet time), he would have every reason to believe that there would be no way he would be found out.
    I saw one mug shot of him on google images where he made a funny face when he was younger in the 70’s. This indicates .. he likely thinks authority / law enforcement is a joke, and for whatever reason that photo was taken (anyone can search it in Google images). It clearly gives the impression that Ted Lamborgine, was / is a probable sociopath, and is someone who would probably think it was funny to pose victims in such a way to make a sick-joke at the time. Now he is an old man and Guantanemo Bay method of extracting information fro him, which now have legal precedent, need to be used to to get more info. from him via a creative lawyer re-calssifying him as those in Guantonemo are classified to be there, like a terrorist…. Maybe he can be legally classified as a terrorist based on his pedophellia history: “Pedophellia / emotional terrorist” which would then give legal leeway to use informational extraction methods used by the CIA like during the Phoenix Progam during Vietnam: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Program. One way or another, this guy needs to be compelled to share what he knows.

  3. Mike

    Ammedment: Get him re-classified as a “domestic terrorist” before it is too late and he dies in jail….. then use all applicable CIA methods to learn what he knows.

  4. Mike

    U.S. definition of terrorist, which fits this jerk-off:

    “The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R.).”

    Lamborgine used violence against a person / people, to coerce a civilian “children” for his personal social objectives……. therefore he metes the U.S. definition of (terrorist) and should be eligible for water-boarding and whatever else we did to detainees using “contractors”, at off-site locations like in Romania during Bush’s administration to extract information from people.


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