Chapter 30: Ted Lamborgine, Part 1

Over the 30 year period from 1977 to 2007, it was customary for the local television stations to review the Oakland County Child Killer case every five years. In late 2006, my children, Cathy and Chris, expressed an interest in joining in the 2007 programs. I advised them that I had no objection but that I would advise the revitalized Task Force of their intentions.

In late 2006, I called Michigan State Police Sergeant Garry Gray and advised him of this suggestion. In his response, Gray indicated he would like to meet with me concerning a new development in this case. I advised him that I could come in any afternoon next week. Twenty minutes later he called and asked if I could come in immediately and I met with him at the Oak Park station. During the conference we made arrangements to meet with my family and the Task Force the next week. I then visited the Oak Park Station with my son Chris and our friend Don Studt, now the Chief of Police in Birmingham. The Task Force was represented by Gray, his assistant Officer Robertson and Cory Williams, the Livonia Police Officer working with Gray regarding pedophile rings on Cass Avenue and in the Wayne and Oakland County. They advised me that the Task Force was following a lead on Ted Lamborgine, a long time participant in the Detroit Cass Avenue and the Oakland County child pedophile cases. The Task Force believed that Lamborgine was a possible lead to the identity of the Oakland County Child Killer.

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  1. Mike

    Busch looked unkept …. like a slob, to leave such well cleaned victims himself. In some ways he appears too much of a social-misfit to leave almost no evidence.

    It sort of always seemed like an older, more careful, meticulous perpetrator who posed and cleaned victims was more likely a match all things considered (typical garden variety killer, like Green River guy or Bundy), ….
    Busch sort of seems like little more than a spoiled rich-kid pederast, opposed to
    methodical ghost-like killer…. but who knows.

  2. Jeremy Press

    No question Ted Lambrogine deserves to be in prison but i just dont believe he was the OCCK. Possible that he knows who is but I dont feel it was him.

  3. Mike

    It appears the Fox Island group used some: Brother Paul’s Children’s Mission as a front, which begs the question which would not surprise me if true: Was there actually a Brother Paul, and were there any members of any Detroit Catholic Churches involved in this? Has anyone done digging into the Catholic Church, as they are well known over the past decades of having to deal with molestation and someone might know something. Might even be worth contacting Rome to inquire.
    Type of Entity: Domestic Nonprofit Corporation
    Resident Agent: GERALD S. RICHARDS
    Registered Office Address: 1115 LYON ST. PORT HURON MI 48060″
    from URL: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=248974&page=3.

  4. Mike

    Ess Lake: Seems unlikely Busch took any of the victims there, if he is guilty.

    – Per google map, appears to be about a 4.5 hr drive from Birmingham area/
    He would have had to stop for gas, use bathroom, particularly
    with an unwilling, presumably not-sedated victim in his vehicle.

    – Seems very unlikely he abducted someone, drove over 4 hrs up there, held
    them up there for days, then drove all the way back down to dump the victims
    days later. All the cottages seem close together, plus the drive time keeping
    the victim from drawing attention to them.

  5. Mike

    OCCK Analysis:
    Being born in 1971 and growing up near 13 mile / Southfield Rd. going to Evergreen Elementary School on corner of Evergreen & 13 Mile next to Groves prior to it becoming the current nursing home….. I am basically Tim’s age and first learned of fear from my parents explaining Tim’s photo on the news. As a child of the 70’s, I often was around where Tim got abducted behind Ablins, “sorry for spelling” and the shoe store in Birmingham with the weird roof now gone next to the B-Ham Police station. I went to Cranbook summer camp between 1976-1978, so I was also actually in the area of the Busch’a home. I recall when the entrance to the Birmingham Library was on the other corner, before the current upgrade to where it is now….
    After reviewing all the blogs and info., the following seems to be to obvious conclusion:
    1) Christopher Busch, was probably an “accident” pregnancy-wise.
    His dad was a highly successful General Motors Executive, and he
    was likely neglected as a kid.. knowning full-well he could / would
    never become what his dad was.
    2) He was jerked-off by his parents & sent to the boarding school in
    Switzerland before coming back t Bloomfield Hills, as your typical
    “crying-for-attention” kid with rich parents who were busy.
    3) He liked young boys and probably had a lot of free-time and money
    in his late teens to mid 20’s.
    4) While his parents frequently travelled & were not home, he likely indulged in
    into his pederast interests explaining how he was eventually found with what
    sounded like were photos from the North Fox Island porn-ring.
    5) It seems he was friends with Green & Gunnels and eventually,
    was facing criminal charges so he killed himself.
    6) The only way to explain Gunnel’s hair on the one victim is one of two ways:
    He either was the killer , or his hair was transferred per his admission
    Busch’s car, later to end up on the victim.
    7) The drawing in Busch’s bedroom during Busch’s death of Stebbbins
    look-alike, was likey Stebbins. Busch combined with other “coincidences”
    is likely guilty.
    8) Greene gets life, Busch gets-off due to dad’s money = likely guilt
    9) There were also reports Busch referred to Hartfield Lanes in Berkley,
    and other oddly coincidental areas the other victims vanished from per
    various blogs.
    10) Busch’s dad shreds his son’s documents before his death later in life,
    obviously to prevent embarrassment
    11) Busch’s brother, Charles, refuses to talk in depth to investigators without
    a protection-order for his family members.
    12) It still need to be explained how Busch went fee while L. Brooks was
    employed at that time… Did Busch’s dad give a “donation” to Oakland
    County… if so, how much, to whom what was it used for?
    13) Sounds like Chris Busch was a rich-neglected kid who liked little boys,
    frequently got out of trouble with his dad’s money…. probably had
    something to do with Timothy King.
    14) Christopher Busch’s house was close to where Timothy King was last seen.
    It is likely Busch kept Tim in a locked-room at the Morningview & Overhill
    house of his parents while they were out of town, which by all reports
    indicates they were often in Europe.
    15) The questions now are this:
    a) Did the Busch’s own a shotgun? Did the father own one?
    Was this ever verified or not?
    b) Can the Busch’s living brother, Charles, confirm they owned a shotgun?
    c) Where was Charle’s Busch during his brother’s alleged suicide?
    d) Did Busch’s brother, Charles, frequent the family home, did he ever
    see anything that might suggest kids were kept in a locked room
    e) Why has Charles Busch not been more than willing to discuss all he
    experienced as a kid with the news ?? What is he hiding ?

  6. Mike

    Additionally: If nothing else:
    The dates when Chris Busch was back living in Michigan compared to the deaths, coupled with suspicious statements he made……. the killing stopped when he died.
    The dates of the killings, correspond to his time in Michigan, and again… the deaths stopped when he was found in his own bed after swallowing a rifle round killing himself probably doing everyone a favor. There are too many coincidentally suspicious facts pointing to the Busch suspect.

  7. Mike

    The “pinnacle” most important question to the whole investigation / situation the needs to be answered & clarified specifically that makes no sense… is:

    “How and why did Greene get prison (life in prison), and
    Busch go free when they were both being charged together
    for the same crime? What specifically occurred between Busch’s
    dad, their lawyer and the prosecutors?”

    I have written enough on this, but like with all things…. with time …
    the truth will eventually come out which likely scares someone who
    likely will eventually reads this and has accountability in the situation.

    Tim represents not only a generation of scared kids in Michigan, but he may be
    one of the first to draw attention nationally to child abductions and unsolved cases
    as his case was about the same time of the other famous unsolved Michigan
    mysteries, Hoffa.

    I say to those who know more….

    “Be a man, do the right thing and help the Kings and all Michgander’s
    with closure”.


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