Chapter 29: Gregory Greene

The Task Force formally advised the King family that Gregory Greene was a potential suspect when his participation was discussed in the Michigan State Police reports we received on December 15, 2010.

Gregory Greene was a known pedophile and companion of Christopher Busch. The Michigan State Police reports have extensive history of his pedophile convictions in California, including one case in which Greene thought the boy was dead and dropped him off at a hospital. Fortunately, the boy lived. After he served his jail term in California he returned to his home town, Flint, Michigan. Greene and Busch were codefendants in the pedophile case in Genesee County, Michigan. Busch was granted probation and Greene was sentenced to life in prison for violating the same child. Greene died in prison in 1996.

In driving from Alma to Flint on January 28, 1977, Busch stated that Greene and he planned to have one of them get a day job and the other, a night job so that they could have someone present with a potential future victim. See Chapter 26 and 27. Busch did not answer the question when the police asked him what they would do when they were finished with a child.

The most upsetting part of the Greene story took place in Flint, on January 27 and 28, 1977 when Busch and he were investigated by the police. On more than one occasion, Greene stated that Busch had murdered Mark Stebbins the first victim. The Police Reports provided to me do not indicate that Greene was separately examined on his basis for this murder accusation.

After Green died, a former cell mate recalled discussing the OCCK Case with Greene. However, the Michigan State Police reports do not discuss content of these discussions. The Police Reports indicated that Greene was continuously in jail after January 28, 1977 and if this is true he could not have been personally involved in Tim’s murder.

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  1. Lisa Porzadek

    This is why parents must remain diligent in protecting their children. Law enforcement is sloppy at best!
    I have lived the fear of the OCCK my entire life! My child is never out of my sight! Forty years later, nothing has changed for me.
    My prayers are for justice for all families involved. They deserve one good night sleep!

  2. Mike

    I read about Greene before. Greene got jail, Busch goes free. That stinks.
    Only explanation is money…. Busch dad’s money greasing Oakland County system: whether it was a specific judge, lawyer, prosecutor etc, needs to be determined.

    As a hypothetical, …… if a rich kid in Bloomfield Hills gets in a drunk driving accident and injures or kills someone… what is the legal process to give money via the rich person’s lawyer to Oakland County system… to get the offender off free without penalty. Like what is the unwritten deal needed? Pay $15 K, $ 50K ???
    I am not a legal expert, is this called “plea” or “setting out of court” ?? We all know this happens all the time

  3. Mike

    The sad truth is…. “everybody has a price” . One of my favorite movies is the true story… “Cocaine Cowboys” documentary… the first one.
    Among others, there are extensive interviews with Miami prosecutors & John Roberts, a famous smuggler / wholesaler in Miami who goes into great detail on how he could buy-off anyone with an unlimited income on cocaine money. John is interviewed saying “Everyone had a price”, which is sadly true.
    The point, implication and analogy is is clear….. If you have enough money….. you can make a serious charge like against Busch….. apparently become a slap on the hand.

  4. Mike

    Forget Oakland County. Obviously the King inquires have been stone-walled for years to prevent legal action ….. I would contact the justice department, and FBI simply go to sue the State of Michigan civilly if possible over the whole thing, which in all fairness the Kings have patiently waited for decades to get answers…..
    Just go to Washington, find an ambitious prosecutor, also call John Walsh ask for his entertainment agent’s contact information create a media storm like the Flint water issue…. which is current issue


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