Chapter 28: Christopher Busch Summary

The purpose of the recent and following chapters is to introduce you to the 5 suspects identified to me by the investigators. On October 28, 2008, the Oakland County Prosecutor, the Wayne County Prosecutor, and the Michigan State Police all believed that Busch was the leading suspect at that time. I welcome any response from the Oakland County Prosecutor as to why she called me on March 1, 2010 to tell me that Busch was no longer a suspect. The King family has not received any information supporting this change of opinion.

Busch pled guilty to four child sexual criminal cases without spending a day in jail. Subsequent information from chapter’s 25 & 26, indicate that he was also charged with sexual criminal activity in Bloomfield Twp and Birmingham, MI. The Michigan State Police report indicates that he was active at North Fox Island, an element of the case that I will describe in a future chapter. There is little doubt that he was a regular participant in the abuse of young children.

Another interesting factor of my investigation resulted from the publication of his photograph in the media. Four individuals called me to advise that Christopher Busch had tried to pick them up when they were young children. If four people called me, how many more called the task force? Three of these callers were ladies.

I also received information that there was a very active pedophile ring on Cass Avenue in Detroit that supplied young children to Oakland County abusers. If these Oakland County abusers were using other people to pick up the children, it is possible that Christopher Busch was a procurer as well as an active participant.

Are the families and the public entitled to answers on these subjects?

I will next acquaint you with the other four suspects identified to me by the Task Force as possible suspects.

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  1. Wendy Blackmer

    This whole cover up makes me sick to my stomach. I hope you and all the families involved get the answers you deserve. I hope that justice eventually will prevail and those involved will be charged. I know that Christopher Busch is already deceased but I also don’t believe it was a suicide. Someone killed him to cover up their involvement. My prayers to all the families.

  2. Mike

    There is only one explanation as to how the Bush suspect avoided jail as we can all
    conclude…. money.

    His daddy was a high-level rich GM exec.

    Is there not an oversight-office like (internal affairs) division for Michigan, like in Lansing that can get to the bottom of that? Who was paid-off, or took donations from Busch Sr. Subpoena the Bush brother who is living, of pay him off to talk, he would know what daddy did for his brother surely.

  3. Brian

    L. Brooks Patterson was the Oakland County Prosecutor at the time. Funny how he just cant remember why Busch didn’t serve a day in jail. All the money in the world would not have dismayed me from BURYING Chris Busch. Anyone who let Busch slip through the cracks in the system is every bit as responsible for 4 dead children as he is. I don’t know how cowards like that can even look at themselves in a mirror. Money is more important than kids lives. Welcome to America.


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