Chapter 27: Christopher Busch-Victim Locations

When Chris Bush was arrested on the Genesee County charges in Alma MI, on January 28, 1977 and after waving his Miranda rights, Busch made statements to the arresting officers. He admitted that he was a homosexual and liked young boys who tend to be 10-15 years old. Partial results of this interview are summarized in paragraph 3-S of the search warrant affidavit in Chapter 8( Exhibit A) which reads as follows.

“Busch told detectives that he and Greene had discussed and planned how they would kidnap, hold and molest young boys. Busch stated that he and Greene agreed that one would work days and the other nights, so that one of them would always be with the kidnapped child. Busch further described 3 locations where he picked up young boys in the past. These locations are as follows:

• 9 Mile and Woodward are in Ferndale;
• In Royal Oak near 13 Mile Rd and Woodward;
• In the area of 12 Mile and Greenfield Rd, more specifically, Hartfield’s Bowling Alley and the 7-11 party store located directly across the street.

Doan reported that he asked Busch what they intended to do with the child after they were through with him. Doan wrote in his report that Busch could not answer. “

The above locations are where Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson and Kristine Mihelich were abducted. My judgment is that this location is not coincidental.

In 1976 and 1977 were these locations identified by any other child victims or pedophile suspects?

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  1. Mike

    If it looks & smells like a duck….

    Is there no way to simply go to the DMV archives to look up vehicles owned by
    the Busch’s or their house… and the other suspects using their names or former
    home addresses.
    WDIV or WXYZ once showed footage of the former Bush
    house, which can be seen in Google maps, on the NW corner of Morningview Terrace & Overhill Rd in Birmingham, which is in the sub. just behind the Krogers on the corner of Lahser and Maple.
    Where was Busch buried ?? Someone needs to do grab some DNA from Busch via an exhumation order obviously or however that is done.


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