Chapter 25: Christopher Busch – 2015 Phone Call

In 2015 I received a phone call from a police officer who was convinced that Christopher Busch was involved in the Oakland County Child Killings. We talked for over an hour. A summary of this telephone discussion is in my files but I do not wish to disclose most the information at this time. Because the officer is still on active duty, no identification was given to me. I did not ask for his name or current position. The officer was convinced that Busch was involved in these murders and wanted to be certain that I have received all of the information regarding his suicide report.

This phone call is another example of the difference of opinion among many of the foot soldiers and their superiors in the police force as well as other political personnel.

If I disagreed with the conclusions of a young lawyer in my office, we would discuss the differences of opinion. While the final decision would be mine, it is improper to ignore other opinions. Does the police administration follow the same procedure? If the Chief of Police disagrees, does he throw the file in waste basket or sit down with the investigating officers to explain why this action is being taken. Similarly, if the police authorities submit a case to the prosecutor, does the prosecutor follow a similar procedure regarding the waste basket or education?

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  1. Konnie King Beyma

    Sometimes it’s difficult for me to read your daily blog. I don’t know if having a father like you would have made a difference for my family or not. I have a sister missing since 9-13-79 from Warren MI. Both of my parents were so devastated they stuck their heads in the sand and I, as a 16 year old, met with police and media and tried to keep her story active. The task force told me for many years they believe my sister was a victim of the OCCK but because her body has never been recovered, it’s not official. Her pic does/did hang next to your sons for many years at the headquarters any time I stopped in. Thank you for all you have done over the years. While I realize you are a father fighting for a son, you have helped other families along the way.

  2. Chris Gearns

    It is unusual for someone to commit suicide with a bullet between the eyes using a rifle…A .22 caliber?? I would think that someone committing suicide would think it out to ensure success..I’m sitting on the side of the bed shoot myself between the eyes and the gun winds up next to me on the bed??..No note ??..

  3. Jeremy Press

    Its a shame the police cannot get Charles Busch to take a polygraph exam assuming he is still alive. He had to have some idea what Chris was up to or at least the vehicles he was driving at the time.


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