Chapter 20: Christopher Busch: Coffey – Wasser Testimony

The OCCK Task Force served an investigation subpoena on both Patrick Coffey and Lawrence Wasser. Coffey flew from California at his own expense. Coffey was advised that giving false testimony in murder cases was a felony. He then gave testimony and, to my knowledge, no one has challenged the truth of his story.

After he was served with the subpoena, Wasser hired James Feinberg as his attorney and sought dismissal of the subpoena. At the hearing, Judge Timothy Kenny and Feinberg had the following exchange:

“The Court: And it is further my understanding based on the arguments that have been made before the Court that Mr. Wasser denies that conversation.

Mr. Feinberg: That’s correct.”

After Wasser was ordered to give the name of his person of interest, he made several public comments denying the truth of the Coffey statements. Coffey then commenced a libel action against Wasser and Feinberg for those alleged false statements. Wasser and Feinberg paid Coffey a sum of money. The Settlement Agreement specifically states that Coffey and Wasser had a different interpretation of their 2006 conversation.

How do you have different interpretation of a conversation which never took place?

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  1. Brian

    The main thing that bothers me about this story is the fact that this is the biggest unsolved murder case in Michigan history and its seems clear the Justice system is sweeping it under the rug. Clearly blocking any attempt at the public gaining any information and surprisingly the victims family’s as well .
    WHY? To me it looks like the reason would be the fact that Chris Busch and Gregory Greene were facing charges stemming from the Fox Island pedophile ring. Both had bails set at 75k. Busch’s was penciled out and changed to 1k. Wow two guys charged with committing multiple sexual abuse crimes together and one(Busch) walks on a $1000 dollar bond and the other (Greene) ends up doing life in prison.
    Busch’s father was wealthy and probably paid a public official off to get the bail lowered to 1k. In the months that follow 3 more children are murdered. WHOEVER changed Busch’s bail and put him on the street would be the reason for the Justice system to cover it up. I think when Busch killed himself and the investigation found evidence linking him to OCCK they realized he should have never been released on a corruptly bogus bail and that they REALLY screwed up. Why else would this be so hush hush. Much smaller cases get much more attention. That’s my take on it.

  2. Barry King Author

    See below an email from Patrick T. Coffey stating that Lawrence Wasser never paid him.

    Hello Mr. King,

    Please find a copy of the Wasser retraction in PDF form, and please feel to repost / reprint.

    I follow your blog each week, and in this week’s blog it mentioned that there was a belief Larry Wasser had somehow paid me. I just wanted it to be clear that in his letter of retraction to me indicating that the conversation in 7/06 in Las Vegas did in fact occur. No Money Was Ever paid to me, and I paid my own legal fees.

    Clearly, from the meeting with him via law enforcement (Det. Cory Williams) where he then pointed to files on the table in front of him indicative of Christopher Bush, this validated that conversation in and of itself. No money was ever given to me by any party, and my attorney at the time told me I did not have damages for recovery in his opinion. Therefore, Wasser’s and Attorney Feinberg’s statements in the media that I had “Made it up”, “Wanted to be Famous”, “Wanted to write a book”, or “Just wanted to stir up the families”, was ridiculous on both their parts, and I could not let it stand. I think you will recall that prior to hiring of an attorney I committed that I did not want to make a penny in this case, and that in going forward at that time if any funds would have been recovered that it would have gone to the fund for the case that has been set up.

    In hindsight, I don’t know what more I could have done with the information stated to me in Las Vegas 2006, or my trip to Michigan thereafter in support of your fine family, task force Investigator(s), or the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office as this unfolded. I only know that I wanted to have a clear conscience in that I did all I could do to turn over information that might lead to all of those involved in the death of my childhood friend Tim King, and the other victims. Sometimes in life it really is that simple; but, sometimes they (Wasser & Feinberg) just want to kill the Messenger.

    I have served in the polygraph profession now for 28 and a half years, and in that time have solved a great deal of crime, and just as importantly cleared people falsely accused of false allegations. I am at a point where I may soon be leaving the professional polygraph profession in favor of some opportunities in SE Asia as a military contractor. May I say that as I make this transition out of this profession that I came full circle in it in 7/06 in that conversation with Wasser, and the aftermath. Tim’s death affected so many in our generation, and we have all carried hi case in us since, and it played a good part in my wanting to go into the polygraph profession to Hunt the bad guys of the world. That I could have had any chance conversation with a peer, and be able to move the case forward from it’s 29.5 year stall at that time; still boggles my mind. It exceeds lottery odds from what I can calculate. I only knew that there was just one right thing to do, and I did it for Tim, and for your family, and for the peace of knowing something had to be done. I just wish I could have done more.


    Patrick T. Coffey

  3. Mark King

    It has always bothered me that while Greene did life in prison for the same CSC charges filed against Busch, that Busch’s bail was reduced from 75K to 1K, and he recieved probation. This was signed off by an employee of the Oakland County Prosecutor, and after ‘NO DEALS’ was written by hand in the paperwork.

    L. Brooks Patterson was the Oakland County Prosecutor at the time this happened, and he certainly must have known about this given the subsequent abductions, rapes, and murders of children by a suspected serial killer/killers. It HAD to ring a bell that this convicted pedophile walked free while his cohort got life…..

    I’d like him to be asked for a response to this simple question – was he aware of Busch’s favorable treatment at the time (prior to Tim’s abduction), and if so, why did he let Busch walk – while he was surely a danger to society?

    In my mind, he HAD to have KNOWN.

  4. Jeremy Press

    From everything I have read it sure looks like Christopher Busch was involved in these killings but, I also read that Gregory Greene was behind bars at the time of 3 of the murders. No question that Busch is involved but,I don’t believe he could have done this himself, he had to have help. Have the police thoroughly checked out John Hastings? I read that this scumbag lived a few blocks away from Busch and maybe there is some connection? Helen Dagner interviewed Hastings in the 80’s i believe, and its said he knew information that only the killers could know. Is Hastings still alive?


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