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Chapter 18: Interim Comments-One

I commenced this story with two of my major concerns over the investigation of my son’s death. For 30 years the King family, and to my knowledge, the families of the other three victims, relied on law enforcement to identify the killer or killers. It was more than 33 years after Tim was abducted that the authorities provided me with any information. In response to my FOIA action, the Michigan State Police provided me with 3,411 pages on December 15, 2010.

My first major concern was the automobile identification process. I outlined these concerns in Chapters 3 to 7. There was little or no basis for emphasizing the participation of a blue AMC Gremlin when the files make substantial reference to other automobiles. In particular, a Pontiac LeMans was identified as being involved in three of the murders and the fourth murder even referred to a Pontiac without identifying the brand. This has continued for forty years. Why? Was this tactic deliberate? There were a lot more Pontiac LeMans on the road than there were AMC Gremlins. Is it possible for the current investigating officers to correct my perceived omissions?

My second concern is the lack of information from the Oakland County Prosecutor and the Oakland County authorities. It is my understanding that on October 28, 2008, the date of the Search Warrant, the Oakland County Prosecutor, the Wayne County Prosecutor and the Michigan State Police all believed that Christopher Busch was the best suspect at that time. I was unaware of the Search Warrant Affidavit until the Oakland County Prosecutor went to Court without my knowledge and perhaps the judge’s knowledge of my involvement to deny everyone access to this document. Was this done with a suggestion or cooperation of the Oakland County officials? Why did Jessica Cooper advise me on March 1, 2010 that Busch was no longer a suspect?

In continuing my story, over the next chapters I will discuss the following:

a. Identification of Busch as a suspect

b. Identify, Christopher Busch, Gregory Greene, Vince Gunnels, Ted Lambrogine and Archibald Sloan, the only suspects identified to me by law enforcement, and

c. The chronology of the events leading up to my FOIA lawsuits.

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  1. E. Hostetler

    I have been wondering who was the Oakland Co prosecutor at the time of their murders? I remember the fear we felt as kids even in Indiana but had forgotten until I had a terrible dream about someone killing a child in our village in late 2010. I Googled my question and imediately found the blog of another family member. I live in Franklin. I pray that those responsible for these killings and what feels like a cover up are held responsible.

    1. Barry King Author

      L. Brooks Patterson was the Prosecutor in 1977. His Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Richard Thompson, at that time attended the Christopher Busch polygraph on January 29,1977 in Flint. Thompson has refused to discuss this with me. He succeeded Patterson as Prosecutor.

  2. Brian

    Very well laid out Mr. King….complicated but very well laid out. If anything you have put the spotlight on the Justice systems total lack of accountability and incompetence. Four kids gone and the authorities do NOTHING. That is the WORST part of this case.

  3. Jeremy Press

    Mr. King:

    I totally agree with you. What I don’t understand, I believe someone was able to identify at least 3 of the letters or numbers of the License Plate on the Pontiac LeMans. How many Pontiac LeMans would have been registered with those exact numbers or letters on the plate. There must have been some kind of License Plate registration system in the 70’s. Why cant the Michigan State Police investigate this? I really cant believe the FBI hasn’t been more heavily involved in this case. There are so many signs pointing to Busch, he has to be the number one suspect.
    The photo found on his wall, the animal hairs and i believe I read he had a white dog. The hair found belonging to Gunnells who was a known associate of Busch. The sites he mentioned when questioned by the police which match the crime scene sites exactly. Just too many things point to Busch.

  4. Stephanie Collins

    Mr King I’m so sorry that you and your family experienced this I was very young at this time but the impact of The Oakland County Child Murders has changed the way kids grew up! I’ve often wonder why so many questions have been unanswered all these year, I love how you have outlined all of your work. Wonderful job and thank you for that. Please keep up you blogging. God Bless.

  5. Angela

    What I dot understand is the lack of public outrage that this has been covered up and allowed to remain unsolved for this long .. And furthermore how is there not enough evidence to warrant questioning from the fbi or anyone higher in order .. Why is this still at a state level despite the obvious cover ups ..? .. clearly there is not a judge or detective that is on this case today as well as then that is not unbiased .. Clearly there is a personal interest here and for that reason alone the FBi should be involved ..!


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