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Chapter 17: Search Warrant- Summary

My concerns on the search warrant information bother me both as a lawyer and as a father. Am I entitled answers to the following Search Warrant questions:

1.) On October 28, 2008, the Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Prosecutor, and Wayne County Prosecutor all believed that Christopher Busch and his companions were the leading suspects in the Oakland County Child Killer Case. What changed between then and the March 1, 2010 phone call advising me that they were no longer suspects?

2.) Did the Oakland County Prosecutor violate the legal procedure I discussed in these chapters, including obtaining statutory Suppression Orders which are not applicable in FOIA cases?

3.) Was the Oakland County Prosecutor obligated to tell Judge Kimberly Small of her intention to file the Suppression Orders in my FOIA cases?

4.) Do the Oakland County Prosecutor and the 48th District Court owe an explanation as to why the two April 29, 2011 Orders are not identical and why they are dated contrary to “two true copies” of the original undated Order?

5.) How did the Oakland County Prosecutor obtain the Suppression Orders without sworn testimony.

6.) Did the Oakland County Prosecutor consult with other Oakland county officials before taking any action in this regard?

Interestingly, if I had not been served with the Suppression Orders, I may never have had access to the Search Warrant Affidavit. God works in mysterious ways.

I will discuss other prosecutorial actions and issues in the following Chapters.

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