Chapter 14: Search Warrant-Wrong Location?

When the Oakland County Prosecutor would not discuss the status of the investigation with me, I wrote Oakland County Sheriff, Michael Bouchard a short note in August 2012 asking for a meeting with his lead investigator. Sheriff Bouchard and I exchanged emails and I met with Deputy Sheriff, Gary Miller on August 29, 2012. Sheriff Bouchard volunteered to attend but I told him that I did not think it was necessary. No prosecutor attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Miller advised me that his office took no further action after the trace evidence at the former Busch residence did not contain anything which might relate to the four children. The Michigan State Police documents delivered to me on December 15, 2010 contain a report that a phone call had been made to the Montmorency County Sheriff dated March 19, 1977 in which a citizen reported that, Christopher Busch, a known pedophile, was at his vacant family cottage in Montmorency County with three small boys. Tim was missing from March 16 to March 22. This supports some comments I have heard over the years that the children may have been taken to a summer cottage because all four deaths took place during cold weather. My family has been further advised that the Busch cottage in Montmorency has been destroyed after April of 2008 and has been replaced by a new cottage. Is this just coincidence?

When I later discussed this matter with one of the investigators, he advised me that he requested the search warrant to be issued for both locations, but he was successful in obtaining only having the search warrant for the former residence.

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  1. Karen Lossia Bolton

    There is an obvious coverup, I am so sorry, the frustration I feel only knowing the story and living in Southfield during this time and being the same age, it stays with me as I raise my own children remembering those days, I cannot fathom the patience you are merely enduring for some kind of validation and truth and answers as to why it feels like your family has already been victimized by not only the perpetrator/peretrators, but by the very people who are suppose to WANT the justice for you and the other victims families,I know I do. I pray for you for the answers and for mercy to be given when its been taken away for so long. I will keep this in my prayers for all involved.


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