This is the day Jessica Cooper asked me to come to the courtroom of Judge Martha Anderson where she falsely accused me of a crime.

It is a crime in Michigan if you disclose the existence of a grand jury after you are served with a subpoena to appear. Grand Jury subpoenas contain this warning. I was served with a subpoena in early July to appear on July 20. I discussed this with David Binkley, my attorney in the Michigan State Police case and Lisa Milton, my attorney in the Oakland County Prosecutor case. I did not discuss it with anyone else.

Sometime after service of the subpoena and before July 20 Kevin Dietz of Channel 4 called my son Chris and me to meet with us. When he came to the house he advised us that the existence of the Grand Jury would be announced on the 6:00 news broadcast. When I told him that the person who gave him this information had committed a crime, he told me he had three sources.

On July 19 Cooper or Walton called Binkley and asked us to appear in the courtroom of Judge Martha Anderson the next morning. This was not surprising as I would not call a witness if I had not interviewed him or her. When we arrived the court clerk asked us sit in the jury room. After 20 or 30 minutes we were taken to the chambers (office) of Judge Anderson where Cooper and Walton were already seated.

To my surprise Walton told Judge Anderson that I had told Dietz of the existence of the Grand Jury. I do not recall any facts supporting this allegation. My response was an absolute denial. Rather than stating any supporting facts Walton repeated his accusation. I don’t know what Cooper and Walton told Judge Anderson in my absence. It is improper per for any judge to discuss any case unless both parties are present.

After we left the court room Binkley talked with Walton. It is my understanding that Walton admitted the OCP had no facts to support this allegation. Let me tack you back to the November 13, 2009 letter I received from Cooper where she states “The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office is not an investigative agency. Rather. We prosecute crimes which have already been investigated by police…” (Chapter 62, Exhibit I).
If Cooper relied on someone else for this false information she should take appropriate action to punish them for a false report and allow me to sue them for damages. If it was all conjecture she should be punished for taking up the court time without properly preparing her facts. A court room is not the forum for pretrial discovery.

After I called Dietz to advise him of this situation he sent me an email denying I was the source of his information (Exhibit K). He then prepared a letter identical to the email which I picked up from his office the next morning and delivered copies to Cooper, Walton and the clerk for Judge Anderson. When I asked Walton at our June 25, 2112 discussion (Chapter 63) who advised him that I disclosed the grand jury information to Dietz he responded “Kevin Dietz”. I believe Dietz and not Walton. How about you?

If this is how Cooper treats victims how does she treat criminals? Is anyone in the media interested in asking her for Comments on this Chapter?

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