7. 06/–/12: My notes indicate this discussion took place on June 25 at the request of Paul Walton. This was shortly after Kevin Dietz of Channel 4 announced that the Oakland County Prosecutor no longer considered Christopher Busch a suspect. Present with me were my attorney, Lisa Milton, and my son, Chris.

Walton delivered to us the original criminal complaint filed against Busch in his Oakland County pedophile case. This complaint contained a hand written note stating “No Deals R. Thompson”. Walton explained to us that this note did not allow the assistant prosecutor handling the case to accept a plea deal without the approval of the Oakland County Prosecutor, L. Brooks Patterson, or the Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Richard Thompson. Assistant Prosecutor Leonard Gilman, who was later appointed U. S. Attorney for Eastern Michigan, accepted a plea of guilty with probation and no jail time. The file did not contain any information that Patterson or Thompson had approved the settlement of the case.
Walton did answer a few our questions on the Busch involvement. He responded “no” when Chris asked him if there was any exculpatory evidence regarding Busch. My notes indicate Lisa Milton, my son Chris and I thought the primary purpose of the meeting was to criticize Patterson before the upcoming November election.

You can imagine my surprise when I learned on November 20 that Jessica Cooper had made this information available to Kevin Dietz of Channel 4 on June 18 without a FOIA request and then, after receiving his FOIA request dated June 19, provided him with 121 pages which included the one page original criminal complaint (Chapter 38).

It is now my conclusion that this discussion would allow Jessica Cooper to avoid any election year publicity that she had made media disclosures on pending cases while denying this information to the victims and continuing to tell the court that I was not entitled to documents in my FOIA cases.

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