On October 5, 2012 Laurie Brasier of the Detroit Free Press filed a FOIA request with the Oakland County Prosecutor for all documents related to the Oakland County Child Killer investigation. Paul Walton, Chief Assistant Prosecutor, returned 169 pages, including his Affidavit stating that additional documents were exempt. On October, 2012, Brasier filed a second FOIA request for the following documents.

1. All documents provided to the family of Timothy King
2. Birmingham Police Department Reports regarding the investigation
3. Documents related to the vehicles the police investigated including the Blue Gremlin
4. Autopsy reports detailing the condition of the children’s bodies

Please note that we are not seeking photos, as they are exempt, and that we will not be publishing details, except to confirm that the only one child seemed to have been bathed.

Walton responded to the second request with an additional 51 pages including a June 17, 2012 Free Press article by David Ashenfelter. It also includes reports from retired Birmingham Police Lieutenant Jack Klabfliesh and report dated September 7, 1978 from A. Robertson, the Michigan State Police Officer in charge of the original Task Force. Both of these reports make reference to several automobiles other than a Blue Gremlin.

This is another example of the Oakland County Prosecutor providing information to the media that she denies to the victims and the courts.

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