As Cathy Broad reported in her Letter to the Editor, Chapter 21, the initial unidentified suspect resulted from a discussion between Patrick Coffey and Lawrence Wasser at a national polygraph conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The lead was the result of the request by Jane Burgess, the attorney for the unidentified suspect, to conduct a polygraph examination. I had no experience in polygraph law and I did not have any understanding why a defense attorney would ask for a polygraph examination if the results were not admissible in court.

Two of my lawyer friends advised me that in negotiating certain plea agreements, the prosecutor would require that the defendant pass a polygraph examination. To be certain that the defendant could pass, the defense attorney first arranges an appointment with a polygrapher to determine the result. If the defendant does not pass, they do not accept this plea agreement. If the defendant does pass the plea agreement is accepted.
It is my understanding that the unidentified suspect advised Wasser that he has passed a polygraph test for the OCCK case. Wasser did not complete the scheduled polygraph examination.

Later in this Story I will discuss two pedophile cases in which Busch received probation when the pretrial documents indicate probation would not be allowed.

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In response to his investigative subpoena, Wayne County Circuit Judge Timothy Kenney ordered that Lawrence Wasser to identify his potential suspect. Wasser filed an immediate appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals which instructed him to provide a similar answer. Wasser advised the Wayne County Circuit court that he could not remember the name of the potential suspect but he would be willing to meet with Cory Williams and Garry Gray to discuss the matter. When Wasser met with Williams and Gray on November 30, 2007, Wasser provided the following statements:

1.) He was asked by Jane Burgess to take the polygraph on behalf of a criminal suspect
2.) The suspect of Burgees stated that he was polygraphed by Ralph Carter and he passed a polygraph regarding the OCCK case
3.) Both the attorney and the suspect were deceased

Williams and Gray then determined that Carter had polygraphed 5 suspects in the OCCK case including Christopher Busch. Of the 5 Carter polygraphs, Busch was the only instance in which both the suspect and the attorney were deceased.

After Busch was identified as a suspect the OCCK task force continued gathering evidence regarding his participation in the murders. During the future investigation, the Task Force also identified Gregory Greene and Vince Gunnels as Busch companions who were possible participants in the murders.

I will discuss the involvement of Green and Gunnels after I complete the possible Busch participation.

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The OCCK Task Force served an investigation subpoena on both Patrick Coffey and Lawrence Wasser. Coffey flew from California at his own expense. Coffey was advised that giving false testimony in murder cases was a felony. He then gave testimony and, to my knowledge, no one has challenged the truth of his story.

After he was served with the subpoena, Wasser hired James Feinberg as his attorney and sought dismissal of the subpoena. At the hearing, Judge Timothy Kenny and Feinberg had the following exchange:

“The Court: And it is further my understanding based on the arguments that have been made before the Court that Mr. Wasser denies that conversation.

Mr. Feinberg: That’s correct.”

After Wasser was ordered to give the name of his person of interest, he made several public comments denying the truth of the Coffey statements. Coffey then commenced a libel action against Wasser and Feinberg for those alleged false statements. Wasser and Feinberg paid Coffey a sum of money. The Settlement Agreement specifically states that Coffey and Wasser had a different interpretation of their 2006 conversation.

How do you have different interpretation of a conversation which never took place?

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