Attached as Exhibit A is the Search Warrant Affidavit dated October 28, 2008 prepared by the Oakland County Prosecutor and signed by the Michigan State Police. The 48th District Court gave me this Affidavit on April 1, 2013 after final orders had been entered in my two FOIA cases.

This eight page single-spaced Affidavit properly summarizes the 3,411 pages I received from the Michigan State Police regarding Christopher Busch and his companions, Gregory Greene and Vince Gunnels. In my judgment, the Affidavit contains no language which would exonerate these individuals as suspects in the murders of the four children.

In the following chapters, I will discuss the actions taken by the Oakland County Prosecutor, and perhaps other public officials, to deny me access to the Affidavit. After the reader finishes the following chapters, I will appreciate your comments on whether my conclusions are valid or incorrect.

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